Why are my teeth so sensitive?

There can be multiple causes for sensitive teeth including stresses on teeth, loss of the protective enamel, and sometimes dental procedures. The habit of grinding and clenching your teeth can cause sensitivity. Another source of stress occurs when teeth do not come together properly. Some teeth come together sooner than others and they can be sensitive. Hard or improper brushing will cause gum recession, which is where the root surface area of the tooth is exposed causing sensitivity. Sipping on acidic soft drinks or sports drinks will cause erosion of the enamel, exposing the sensitive areas as well.

To determine the cause we will do an exam to rule out any areas of decay. We may take x-rays. The most common solution is to use a desensitizing toothpaste or mouthwash. If stresses on the teeth is the cause, we may adjust your bite or recommend you wear a mouth guard. In some cases it is necessary to apply a protective restoration.