Can I have my teeth taken out and my dentures placed the same day?
An immediate denture is one that is placed on the same day the teeth are removed. While many "same-day" denture clinics advertise "same day dentures", our process is more thorough and accurate. The process of making an immediate denture varies in each case. To begin the process, an accurate model is made of your mouth before any teeth are removed. We may remove some teeth and let the areas heal for 6-8 weeks before another impression is taken. The model is then modified to match the shape your gums will be after your teeth are removed. This model is sent to our lab to make your immediate denture. The next step is to remove your teeth and place your new immediate denture. You wear the denture continually for the first 24 hours. It will be tight due to the swelling from the extractions. We will see you the next day to remove the denture and check how you are healing. We will continue to make adjustments to the denture in the next several weeks. After about 4 months of healing, the denture is relined to adjust the fit.